Project Business Management

Course Overview:

Today’s skills in business administration and project management are the staple requirements for the very best professionals in any business sector. Our short management courses in sustainable business, contemporary issues in the energy industry, statistics, and project management, and more, meet the needs of ambitious professionals who want to boost their careers in management and get ahead of the competition.

 It assumes knowledge from all level 4 and 5 modules and is delivered as a specialist module, covering the following issues:

• The fundamental elements of projects
• Task and functions of managing and organising a project
• The process and planning of a project
• Linking project plan to project budget and cost
• Project management tools and scheduling of project work
• Resource allocation in project management
• Reporting on project progress and project completion and evaluation

  • Advanced Operations Management – Inventory control, resource management, and using raw materials and human labour to produce goods and services
    • Advanced Managerial Accounting and Analysis – Using managerial accounting and analysis strategies to predict sales revenue and pinpoint risks, managerial decision-making
    • Marketing Design and Strategy – creating a business plan, marketing design using the marketing mix, marketing analysis and brand positioning