Digi-skill is an initiative propelled for all Graduates to be employable through a British African skill empowerment program for every working-class and Graduates. The whole idea was launch under the sustainable development goals of the National youth council of Nigeria to equip our youths through training in Nigeria.

Digi-skills prepares a young person to meet the challenges of the market entry and adulthood to achieve his or her full potential in Career and business before and after NYSC Scheme.

 Digi-skills  Training has three sections; the three sections make up the training

  1. Skill development

Skill development is a newly introduced part of the youth development scheme with support and understanding from Google digital skill for Africa, Google for Entrepreneurs, and Digital Training Companies.

The Skill development allows every youth to select a particular skill and participate. This Skill development comes with an endorsement from our international partners that qualifies you to be listed and recommended for business supports from International Organizations as well as locally such as shell live wire Nigeria and other foundations. The few selected Online skills are 

✔️Online marketing
✔️Web designer
✔️Shopify merchant
✔️SEO Optimisation
✔️Survey taker
✔️Online tutor
✔️Virtual PA (more popular than you think)
✔️Product reviewer
✔️Remote customer service provider
✔️eBay seller
✔️App creator
✔️Amazon trader
✔️Online music reviewer
✔️Project writer
✔️Affiliate marketer
✔️CV/Resumer writer

  1. Career branding

Most youths toll the part to stick to a certain career or the other. We have professionals (Job Support team and Human resource team) that support the zeal with instructional materials for every participant and help you arrange your CV in a professional Standard. Our Job-support Team helps everyone by rewriting and profiling their CVs for Job adverts and other Consulting firms to pick up if they find it interesting. Career branding is supported by many communities of business.

  1. Professional training

As a Training Company, we also align professional Courses into the Afripog package. The Professional Training includes Health Safety & Environment 1,2 & 3, Advanced Safety and Health, Human Resource Management, Project and Business Management, Customer Care Management, IT management.

These Training can be done online or offline depending on the proximity to the Training Centers. They are done on weekends (Saturdays) and A session is covered in 4 Saturdays.

After the Training, Every Trained participant will be certified or giving training by different bodies 

For Registration and joining the Program, Please on the link, fill out the form and submit, your AFRICODE will be sent to you and much other information.