Tekedia Institute is a United States-based institution with focus on business management and leadership development. Tekedia Mini-MBA is a quasi startup accelerator, extending the school core innovate & grow mind-set to support innovators. That means, innovators and companies can have access to resources which our Fund provides.

Tekediah Institute Founder

Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe, a world renowned tech guru, who Co-designed iPhone & iPad's XL Sensor.

He was the best graduating student of FUTO from the Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department. He holds two doctoral and four master’s degrees including PhD in electrical and computer engineering from the Johns Hopkins University, USA.

He is the Founder of First Atlantic Semiconductors & Microelectronics, Africa’s top systems company. A native of Ovim in Abia State. He is a top player in the U.S. semiconductor industry where he develops innovative microchip and invented a micro-controller for medical robots.

Ndubuisi Ekekwe was named in 2020 by Guardian Newspapers as one of 60 Nigerians in 60 Years Making “Nigerian Lives Matter”.

Himself and his Team started Tekedia Institute which have teamed with Great Organisations.

Accelerate Your Leadership Ascent, Elevate Your Business Knowledge, & Thrive.

Innovate, Grow & Drive transformation. Capture emerging opportunities, and digitally evolve your business or job, turning disruption into a competitive advantage. Master the concepts of building category-king companies, and advance.

Tekedia Mini-MBA is Self-paced, Online, 12 weeks, $140 or ₦50,000. And Many More.
Faculty Professional Trainers
Our Faculty members come from respected local and global institutions like Shell, Flutterwave, Microsoft, Coca Cola, MTN, Schlumberger, Access Bank, Jobberman, etc.
Professional Focus Sectors
Our programs focus on all industrial- and knowledge-economy sectors, from technology to construction, real estate to banking, retail to consulting, and more.
Live Zoom Sessions
Besides our world-class notes, videos, labs and assignments, our programs include three Live Zoom sessions per week, led by faculty. We archive all sessions.
Additional Bonus
1. If you are in our program, and need support, we will help. We have credits to support founders and companies in Tekedia Mini-MBA who are bootstrapping or have raised small money. Then, as you grow, we will offer you more credits.
2. Build and Grow with us as we connect and expand scopes
3.You will be trained and guided by Global faculty of experts.
4. You have Diverse courses to study.
5. We have flexible and optional Live sessions – thrice weekly.
6.All Courses Are Affordable, best value for money.
7. Hacelat Professional will offer professional guides through the session.
8. Hacelat Professionals will offer Free Bonus Courses to Trainees
9. Tekedia runs two special annual programs – Tekedia Career Week (not designed for finding jobs but rather planning careers) and Tekedia Innovation Week for our members.
10. First Atlantic Cybersecurity Institute (Facyber.com) is a cybersecurity and digital forensics firm. The services include education & training, research and consultancy. Tekedia Institute provides a free bonus coupon for members who beat Tekedia Mini-MBA early bird
11. Tekedia has books which are made available to members depending on when they register for editions. Typically, they go as bonuses to early registrants.
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