About the course

The programme addresses the determinants of health and the health concerns that affect our society the most:

  •  the epidemiological transition
  • non-communicable and communicable diseases
  • rapid international and intercontinental spread of diseases
  • massive population movements and gatherings
  • the lifestyle-related ill health
  • diseases and illnesses closely related to poverty
  • inadequate access to and utilisation of preventive health care
  • emergent and re-emergent diseases of epidemic potential
  • diseases of nutrition
  • pollution-related illnesses
  • preventable diseases
  • conflict-related ill health, water and sanitation
  • occupational and maternal health
  • neonatal, child, adolescent and youth health
  • the health issues of ageing.

It also addresses issues of health system performance and health service delivery.

What you will learn

In this programme, you will take 7 modules each weighted at 5 Credit Units and write a PGD project worth 10 Credit Units in the specific area of Public Health. You are free to take a minimum of 1 module to a maximum of three modules in a term. A term is made up of 3 months of study and one week of final module examination. Each student shall spend an additional 3 to 6 months of supervised dissertation writing to fulfill the requirements for the PGD (Public Health).

Therefore, this study model provides the flexibility that enables you to complete the PGD of Public Health programme in 1 to 2 academic years depending on the pace that suits your schedule and learning goals.

You will study:

Institutional Requirements (Mandatory)

  1. Critical Thinking and Decision Making
  2. Research Methodology

Core Modules (Mandatory)

  1. Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  2. Health Policy, Planning and Management
  3. Primary Health Care and Community Health
  4. Environment, Health and Development
  5. Health Communication and Promotion

PGD Project on Public Health (Mandatory)

Target students

Our Public Health programme is for:

  • graduates of health and biomedical sciences who wish to specialize in public health
  • social sciences
  • health advocates and those from other relevant disciplines interested in working in the health sector
  • employees of NGOs, embassies, and/or health organizations, who wish to add public health skills to their list of core competencies or to advance their academic career.