Course Overview:

Roustabout also known as Rig helper, is an occupational term, traditionally it was referred to a worker with broad-based, non specific skills. In particular, it is used to describe show or circus workers who handle materials for construction of fairground.

Roustabout does the physical labour and maintenance around oil wells, pipeline and natural gas facilities. As a roustabout, you would do your basic labouring task to help keep the drilling area in good shape. Tasks includes

  1. Cleaning
  2. Painting and repainting

III. Mixing concrete

  1. Manually loading and uploading pipe and other materials onto or from trucks or boats.
  2. Assemble pumps, boilers, valves, and steam engines and performing minor repair on such equipment, etc

In general, roustabout performs a wide range of tasks and being a roustabout, you must be physically fit, with good coordination, agility and eyesight. You need to be comfortable with the unpredictable field works


Acquaints students who have little or no knowledge about the oil and gas to its nature and operations.

Introduces the role and duties of the roustabout to the students

Introduces the students to necessary coded oil and gas languages

More importantly the roustabout course is a two certificate on one package.