Safety Misconceptions

Misconception 1: Workers causes accidents
The First and foremost misconception, that every safety practitioners and employer should avoid is that ” worker causes accidents “.

Of course, i agree the worker’s unsafe activities and violations may result in accidents, but before that, we should remember, the legal requirements places duty over every employer to control the human error and violations through careful design of work environment.

So the conclusion is that the worker will never cause an accident, but the primary failures such as employing unskilled labourers, lack of training, lack of enforcement of safety rules, poorly maintained / unsafe equipment’s, failure of health and safety Management systems are causing the accidents.

Misconception 2: It Won’t happen to me

Remember the accidents and fatalities are common to everyone, no one is an exception here. The study & most of the research says as the experience increases the carelessness and overconfidence also increases.

So It’s always better to remember the accidents can happen at any time and for many reasons.

Misconception 3 : Safety = PPE

The common misconception that exists among every common individual is, thinking like the meaning of safety = PPE.

Of course, the Personal protective equipment’s are having an important role in safety but they are the only part of safety.

More than that, most technical controls are remains such as SIL, HAZOP, Hierarchy of risk controls,which we need to consider before choosing PPE.

Misconception 4 : Safety is a Common sense

We accept, the common sense having their own role in the prevention of accidents but more than that, the common knowledge alone will not help to prevent the accidents.

That’s why the industries are investing a huge amount in job-specific training unless you don’t know how to perform a job, you can’t-do it safely.

Misconception 5 :Zero accidents are not Possible

Do the zero accidents are possible?

If yes – you are right.

If No – You are right.

It;s mostly based on your mentality.

Almost all the accidents can be prevented by the careful design of workplace, work equipment’s, the use of suitably trained and competent workers and rigorous health and safety policies.

Misconception 6: Health and Safety costs a lot & Less benefit

If you are an employer or part of the management team with this mentality, you should change asap.

The histories say, there is a number of cases, where the company runs out of business in a single accident.

Though you are earning a good amount from your business,

It’s useless if you are not controlling the unnecessary business loss like repair costs, insurance claims, criminal fines etc.

That’s the main reason, why the corporate and best industries are investing a lot in health and safety.

Misconception 7: My company with Minimal risk  So – No Safety Department

No one is an exception here, every company are under the legal requirements, to maintain and control their risks to an acceptable level.

If you are under the influence of the above-mentioned concepts, change it now,

Most of the Catastrophic accidents are occurred by the combination of minor failures.

Fire accidents are common to every industry, So beware of business losses before it occurs.

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